Hello! My name is Alex and thank you so much for visiting my website! I am an Arizona native and photography is my passion. 


The Start

My start in photography is unlike some others you may have encountered. I'll be honest, I don't have a degree in photography, but the passion has been there for years. I started taking pictures when I was a teenager, using every camera at my disposal to work with. The camera I would work most with in my teen years was my Samsung point and shoot. I always enjoyed photography and was always testing the camera's boundaries to see what different effects I could produce. However, I wouldn't find my strong love for photography until many years later.

While working in marketing, I found myself at a crossroads where my company needed some better photography for our visual marketing, but there weren't enough funds to buy any sort of semi-professional camera. I'm a very stubborn person, which is a good and bad thing at times, so I decided that we needed something and even though I didn't know how to use one of those fancy DSLR cameras, I was going to buy one and learn how. So yes, I was at one point just a person with a camera. I made it my mission though to get out of the Auto Function zone and into Manual Mode so I read and watched anything and everything that I could to learn how to use my camera. Over time, understanding the relation between aperture and shutter speed and the rule of thirds and focal point got easier. I didn't start accepting paid gigs for almost an entire year while I worked to learn and perfect my style.

Now more than 3 years, 20+ photo shoots, and 10 weddings later, I can honestly say that photography is never going away for me. I've dabbled with many types of gear and styles and have even found a love for film photography which I hope to incorporate into future portrait shoots. 


Fur Mama

One thing you may notice if you ever sit down and talk to me is that I love my fur babies and they will almost always pop up in a story or two. The oldest of the bunch is Miss Gabby, she's my gray tabby with a bit of a torbie coat, and trust me, her name fits. She's one of the loudest cats you'll ever meet but one of the biggest lovers of people. Gabby loves getting attention and will aggress you with her love.

The second in the bunch is Mr. Frankie. A bit of a shy guy, Frankie is a cool cat with a chilled out personality and charm to boot. He's a little black and white domestic short hair mix with an epically soft meow (one of his Auntie's even adorned him with the title Princess Frankie and it stuck). Win his heart with some good pets and he'll be a close friend for life.

My third, adorable child is Miss Sweetie. Like Gabby, her name suits her because she is one of the sweetest babies you'll ever meet. She's an American Bulldog/Pitbull with some beautiful brindle spots over her white coat. If you ever come for a studio appointment, Sweetie will be the first at the door to greet you with her tail wagging furiously behind her. She loves pets and attention from others but she's very gentle and quiet so if you're a little timid around dogs, she will keep out of the way until you ask her to come over.

As you can see, with my date profilesque descriptions, that I love my babies and I love talking about them.


Photography I Love

It's important as a photographer to find your niche, but finding your niche is difficult if you haven't explored all of the options out there in the world of photography. Infant/smash cake, newborn, prom, head shots, events, graduation, engagements, proposals, weddings, and family photos are all different types of photography that I have dabbled in to find my perfect fit: wedding and engagements. Now don't think that you can't contact me if you have another request because I love prom, graduation, and anniversary shoots too, but if I feel that I'm not the best person for the job you're requesting, I want you to know. I don't want you to spend your hard earned money on photos that you'll only like or worse, hate. I'm a very upfront person, so I will always put you first before my desire to take more picture.


If you love my story and feel that I would be the right fit to capture your new engagement or special day, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Please do note that photography is not my full time job at this time, so appointments and consultations will be scheduled for the evening or on the weekends.