Happy Late New Year!

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Happy Late New Year from Alexandria Marlar Photography. I was hoping to get to my first blog post to discuss my first photo shoot of the year a lot sooner than this, but better late than never right?

For many of you that don't know me or know me very little, welcome! My name is Alexandria Marlar and I am a portrait photographer. In my blog I hope to explore more of the ins and outs of my photo shoots and how they tend to go for me.


This year I will be changing the whole of my photography style. I love portraiture but have an incredible passion to create incredibly unique concepts for portraiture shoots that take on a fine art/high fashion perspective. And I feel this photo shoot was my first step in that direction.


Now enough about me, let's talk pictures! My first photo shoot of the year allowed me to channel this new vision I was interested in. The mother of three sisters, Leticia, Briana, and Liana wanted to do a family photo shoot with me based on a photo shoot I did in late November of 2015. A little more fashion forward, I wanted to structure the shoot with more artistic ideals in mind from the color to the posing to the environment. For this particular photo shoot, I found inspiration in the girls outfits and makeup. Hues of pink, purple, brown, and orange dominated this photo shoot and one area in particular where I found I had to be careful was with the color temperature. I liked the grassy area that we worked in some of the time, but I was worried about it over powering the photos. I wanted warmth to be in every photo to really compliment the girls' skin tones and I'm so happy that I was able to achieve just that.

Thank you so much ladies for being my first shoot of the year, I had a great time and I hope you love the photos just as much as I do. You can find a few more photos from the photo shoot below:



Find more pictures from this gallery at www.alexmarlar.com/3sisters


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