Welcome to my page of Frequently Asked Questions! If you have some questions on your mind about your portrait session, please look through my list below to see if I can answer your question here. If you don't see the questions you need answered, please feel free to email me at anytime on my Contact page!

Why should we choose you as our wedding photographer?

Deciding to go with me as your photographer is a big decision, especially if it is for your wedding. One thing I can guarantee is that I will have a laid back and calming nature but I work my butt off as a wedding photographer. My number one mission is to make sure you enjoy yourself on your wedding day so if I ever sense that you’re not doing okay, I will ask. The more you enjoy your wedding day, the better your photos will turn out.

When should I hire a wedding photographer?

I recommend booking your photographer, right after you book your venue. Photographers, like venues, can book up fast. The sooner you find them, you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

I have a family member that owns a nice camera like you, can’t I just hire them to do my wedding?

You can, I’m not going to fight you, but if you’re asking me this directly, I will have some follow up questions: Have they photographed a wedding before? Do they have a strong body of work? Have they been tasked to photograph a variety of different environments in the past? Do you want them to enjoy the wedding like all of your other guests?

Now if you answered “no” to any of the first three questions, then I don’t suggest hiring them to photograph your wedding, because they may not be able to handle it. What you are paying for when you hire a wedding photographer, is more than a camera and fancy equipment, you are also hiring experience. We know how to adapt to lighting that changes at the drop of a hat, what equipment is needed in certain situations, and we also know when to anticipate certain events or moments at a wedding.

Additionally, if you answered “yes” to the last question, then don’t ask them to photograph your wedding. Photographing weddings, I will be frank with you, is very stressful. Let someone else, who doesn’t have an emotional attachment to your wedding, photograph it, and let your guests enjoy the amazing ceremony and party that you’ve put together for them.

What is an unplugged wedding, should I do it?

An unplugged wedding is one in which guests are not allowed to use cameras or smartphones, primarily during the ceremony. Some wedding photographers, including myself, will suggest this to couples to implement because often, these cameras and smartphones can disrupt the ceremony and pictures that I’m trying to capture. Some photographers have gone as far as to refuse photographing a wedding at all unless this measure is taken. If you’re not sure if this is the right step for you, please let me know and I will be happy to share a few photos from weddings where guests had their phones and cameras out.

Can I only print my photos with you?

Heck no! You are certainly more than welcome to print your photos with me but are never obligated to. I provide a print release as a part of your total wedding package so you can go wherever you would like to print your photos. However, if you do decide to print with me, I work with Millers Professional Imaging and specifically calibrate my computer for editing with their printers. If you’re looking for a few quick 4x6 prints, it may be worth it to go somewhere else, but if you are looking for larger canvas, wall mount, or large prints, I suggest going with me and the team at Millers instead.

Do I get a second shooter?

Initial packages with me only come with one shooter but a second can be added for an additional fee. The price varies depending on how much coverage you want on your day, but it is certainly doable when requested.

Can I get all the RAW images you took from our session/wedding day?

This is a question I get from time to time and the straight answer is no. As a photographer, I pride myself on only delivering you the absolute best versions of your photos. RAW files are incredibly large files that I take in camera because they absorb the most information from a photo when I’m capturing it, making it easier to edit in the end. I don’t provide RAW files but if you feel you would really like to have them, we can sit down and discuss copyright fees and all of the tools that you will need to read the files.

If I can’t get the RAW images, then how many final pictures will I get?

This is always an interesting question, because every photographer is different, and every type of session is different. When it comes to Portraiture or Engagement Sessions, it is important to me to deliver high quality images vs. many images. I do my best to deliver all the best photos from your session, so a 1-Hour session can render anywhere from 30-90 photos. Whereas, Wedding Coverage, is a little different. The photojournalistic style of weddings allows me to provide many photos that help retell the day, and this can be anywhere from 50-100 per hour, so long as the wedding is running on schedule.

How do I get my photos?

One of the most amazing things about my website is the fact that I can host all your photos directly on it. Once I have all your photos uploaded, I will email you with the link and a password to access the pictures. I want you to always have the first look at your photos so you can let me know if we need any additional edits or if you want to take down a few photos that are just not your favorite. Once you feel the album looks good, I will make the photos public and send you a USB drive with all your high-resolution images.

Can you remove or crop something in the background of my wedding photos that I don’t like?

Unless we’ve encountered difficult measures or I’ve previously agreed to do so, I will not agree to make certain edits until you receive your photos to look through for the first time. The reason for this, especially with weddings, is due to how many photos we may need to edit. It’ll save you a lot more time and money as I do charge per hour. You are more than welcome to ask me if something can be edited out and I will probably say yes if it only happens in a handful of photos, but I recommend waiting until you see the final result before requesting specialty edits like this.

Will my photos come in black and white too? What if I don’t want a ton of black and white photos?

Your photos will always come in a second black and white format unless you request otherwise. I may still make some of the photos black and white for my own advertising, but if you don’t want them, I won’t send them to you in your final images. I also have the flexibility to sort your photos into different folders, if you would prefer to keep those color and black and white images separate, just let me know!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, and trust me, you want to. As much money as you’re investing into your wedding photography, your contract is your go-to if you need to discuss any legalities pertaining to your photos, their use, or when you’ll receive the final images. The contract will cover everything from when I will arrive, what services are covered, the amount of the deposit, and what can and cannot be done with the photos once they have been received.

How long will it take me to get my final images?

This is a great question and it varies. Portraiture/engagement pictures are generally turned around within a week and wedding photos a month. Sometimes you can receive these much quicker (I’ve delivered wedding photos within a week before) but that depends on quite a few different factors. If ever it seems that I don’t think I can make the deadline, I will contact you and discuss the matter and throw in a free $15 print package for the trouble.

I think I want to add an album for my wedding day photos, is that possible?

Absolutely! As a part of my new Wedding Packages, albums are included unless you indicate that you would like them removed. I work with Millers Professional Imaging to custom design and create your album. We will discuss the album more in our consultation appointments.


I hope this list of questions managed to address anything you needed answered. If it wasn't able to though, please feel free to reach out at anytime. I would love to chat with you!